Erasmus Briggs


The History of the Original Town of Concord


An urban legend surrounds the writing and distribution of The History of the Original Town of Concord. I consider the information legend because I have found no documented proof to either support or dispute these, so-called facts.

According to the legend, in the late 1870's, Erasmus Briggs undertook the venture of writing the History of the Town of Concord, expanding it to include all of the area, which had once belonged to Concord Town. This area now included the Town of Collins, the Town of North Collins and the Town of Sardinia. To finance this venture, Briggs approached all of the area natives/residents, offering them an opportunity to have their biography preserved in his documentation. The cost was $35, it provided for the biography and a copy of the history upon its release.

Nearly a decade passed before Briggs' work met completion. His book, however, has become a source of reference for both, local historians and genealogists. A great deal of information, which may have otherwise been lost forever, now exists! Recently, the book was reprinted, adding availability to its already unique nature.


Briggs died shortly after the book's publication (1893: Union and Advertisers Company Print: Rochester, NY). Legend has it that Briggs died a pauper. His work, which enriched the lives of so many over the years, left him broke. The only proof that exists to this theory is the tombstone, which marks Briggs final resting-place; the Town of Concord Historical Society placed it.