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Site Fights Webrings Page Two

For those of you who have taken the time to travel throughout my general section, I am sure you are already familiar with my little tour guides, DChamp Alexis and DChamp Tai. For those of you who just popped into the webring section, DChamp Tai and DChamp Alexis are the two jelly people dancing on top of the webring below.I adopted Tai and Alexis from the DChamp Orphange at the Site Fights, thus the reason I belong to the webring.Fot those of you who are wondering about the names, well it's like this: we must teach our children to be the best they can be; thus call them DChamp. This will help them to grow up with the winning feeling. To explain the rest of their name: Tai and Alexis, well, those are my grandchildren's names, and the real, live versions are DChamps too!

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There are again two requirements to belong to the Spirit Webring. First you must have been in the Site Fights. Well, Linda & Charlie's Home Page was not only in the Site Fights, we made it all the way to the Dome. Make and Maintain a Spirit Page. How about a complete Spirit Section? We have our tribute to DFairies.

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DEssence of DSpirit are a friendly group of Fun Loving helpful Spirits who "Float" around, helping to spread Spirit to everyone connected with The Site Fights! We all need help keeping our Spirits high from time to time. This group is here to do just that---HELP!
I am proud to be connected with such a lively, fun loving, friendly group. They are proof that the Spirit of the Site Fights is Friendship and Caring!
Fighters you visited, and maybe a comment on the Spirit. DLight and I are always here for any questions or help you might need!

The DEssence Webring

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"DEssence of DSpirit, I help spread the spirit!"

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