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I also belong to DPatrol and the DPatrol Webring. Now, I suppose you are really confused? Well, hopefully it will take but a brief explanation to clarify the duties of DPatrol. As a member of DPatrol, I inspect the sites which have applied to be a part of The Site Fights. We are out to assure safe sites for people of all ages to visit. We do not promote hate or violence. We are seeking the best for the web, to assure that you and your children find the internet experience to be one of pleasure and enjoyment.
Again, you will find a potpourri of ideas by following this ring. Your experience will be well worth the click!

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This DPatrol Deputy Webring site is owned by Deputy Linda .

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Royal Order of the Knights of the Internet
As Knights we hereby vow to live by these rules:
We are to be honest and fair in all our dealings.
We are to be loyal to our friends.
We are to be humble.
We are to have faith in our brethren and in our loved ones.
We are to be patient.
We are to have mercy on those seeking forgiveness, and on those who are in need of aid.
We are to be good friends.
We are to love.
We are to be nonviolent, fighting with and for friendship.
We are to act as examples to those around us, displaying virtue, chivalry, and kindness.
We will keep our web sites a safe place for all to surf.

There are more adoption agencies at the Site Fights then at any other single location on the Internet. (Of course, that is only my opinion) Sarina offers a Dragon Adoption Agency. They were so cute, how could I possibly resist? If you don't believe me--check my adopted Dragon Critter out. Once you have adopted one of these cute little guys, you are entitled to join the Adopt a Dargon Webring---So, of course, I Did!!!

Adopt A Dragon 
This Adopt A Dragon site is owned by Linda & Charlie
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So, What's up with the next webring? I guess this is a Site Fight Association Webring. Zeus felt that all of his supporters deserved recognition, so what better way to give it to them, then to start his own webring! Now, you can continue to click onto peopple with spirit, meet the supporters of Zeus.

This Ring Of The Gods site is owned by
Linda & Charlie Munro.

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