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A bill, H.R. 2537, The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Equity Act of 1997, is currently before Congress. If passed into law, this bill will make major changes in how the USFSPA has adversely affected military retirees during the past 16 years. Unfortunately, H.R. 2537 will not be passed if veterans do not contact their members of Congress to explain their views, how this law has affected them personally, and to request their support of this very important bill!!!
If you choose not to actively participate in this effort, that is fine. However, if know of others who have been victimized by this very unfair law, would you please forward this information on to them. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

For More Information:
USFSPA: information and numerous veteran groups.
WISE: an association fighting steadfastly for much needed USFSPA reform.

Many of the members of the American Retirees, have their own personal web pages. Visit as many of the sites below as you would like. Please sign the guestbooks at each site you visit so that each webmaster can send you additional information concerning USFSPA reform.

Member page
Member Page
Member Page
Member Page
Member Page
Member Page
Member Page
Member Page
Member Page

If you know of others who have also been victimized by this unfair law, would you please help spread the word and guide them to the organizations and web sites above?

About the Oragnization Sponsoring This Cause:
The American Retirees Association (ARA) is the only organization in the US committed solely to defending the rights of active duty service members and military retirees in divorce. If you would like more information, we normally snail mail out an information packet which includes a sample newsletter, a position paper, and an explanation of what the ARA is, so you'll know more about the organization. In the interests of saving time and postage, this reply is designed to give you the basics about our purpose and membership. If you haven't visited our website at it will certainly fill in a lot more of what you need to know. Basically, the ARA was founded in 1984 by a group of military and retired members who were affected by the Uniformed Services Former Spouse's Protection Act (USFSPA) Public Law 97-252. Our goal is to work toward equitable application in military divorce given to other divorcees by attempting to restore fairness to this law. There have been at least 23 modifications over the years, and only one actually benefitted only the military member. All the rest were either a draw, or gave more to the ex-spouse. We need everyone's help to create a stronger representation at all levels of government, and your membership in ARA would help swell our numbers.

On Sunday June 6th POW/MIA Freedom Radio will feature: Denise Nichols, Desert Storm Veteran and expert on
Desert Storm Syndrome
Ms. Debby Peare, Marine Corp, veteran who will be speaking on
"Women in the military"
Debby's Home Page
The show is on the air every Sunday at 5:00 PM (eastern time) and can be heard over your computer. To down load the station, free, follow the link on Dave's Home page

For Retired/Active Veterans
Get - Together!

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