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Welcome to the World of Joey Manko

Joey Manko "The Flying 15 Year-Old" has spent most of his life going around in circles - LITERALLY!

Joey hit the racing scene at the age of seven.
Beginning his career at a small local track, Joey's natural talents and drive led him to the World Carting Association National Tour.
By the age of 11, Joey had earned the title: National Champion.

At the age of 14, Joey entered the Midget Division at Lancaster Motorsports Park
(one of a select few racetracks that recognized that youth and talent more often than not, go hand in hand.
Lancaster Speedway has obtained the insurance necessary to allow drivers, age 14 - 16 to compete.)

At the age of 15, Joey saw the opportunity to bring his dreams of becoming a NASCAR driver closer to reality.
February found Joey being coached by the best, Mike Loescher of Finishline Racing School.
The 1999 racing season found Joey joining the
Sportsman Division at Lancaster Speedway.
With the exception of three times (once related to a flat tire during the last lap of the race, and once being related to a weight puncturing the oil pan of #95),
Joey has consistently finished in the top 5 in the division.

On July 3, Joey won his first feature race in the Sportsman Division. (photo)
On August 7, Joey battled his way, via consistent finishes, into a first point place standing, where he remains today.

Joey has received a great deal of recent media attention. A list will soon follow for those fans who want to learn more about "The Flying 15 Year-Old."

There is more to Joey than his natural talent behind the wheel of his 2700 pound racecar. Joey spends his summers helping at his father's Upstate New York service station. With this knowledge, he has become well equipped to assist in the maintenance (as well as the performance) of his racecar.

More amazingly, Joey uses the money he earns, to share with other children. Joey visits local hospitals and facilities for handicapped children. Not only does Joey spend time with these children, he leaves them with a smile and a gift. More recently, Joey has aligned with the Western New York Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, in his continuing efforts to make a difference in another child's life.

Joey always attempts to make himself available to his fans. This site will contain a more comprehensive bio, including photos, as the days continue. So, check back often to learn more about Joey Manko.

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