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Mugridges Store

Joseph Mugride emmigrated with his family from Kent County, England, in 1833. He first settled in Utica, NY, later moving to Buffalo (1841). In 1852, Jospeh was bitten by the Gold fever Bug, he left for California. By 1854, Joseph had returned to Buffalo where he would meet Sussanna Hill. They were married in 1860. In the spring of 1864, Joseph and his wife would decide that a new prospect was at hand. They moved to Collins Center, building a mercantile business.

The store would be passed on to their only son, Edward. He continued to operate the business, passing it on to his only son, Charles. Charlie and his wife, Martha, operated the store until the mid 1960's, when they felt the need to retire. Charlie and Martha had no children to pass the business to. The building was sold in 1970, and converted into apartments.

Photo Taken from postcard dated 1909

Joseph Mugridge Biography 



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