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Formation of School Districts in the Town of Collins


District number 2, or the White school district, encompassed the Sisson Highway / Brown Road areas of town. The first school house was built in this district approximately 1835. In 1925, this district was bonded in order to raise funds to build another school building. This would be the last one room school building to be built in the Collins / Collins Center area.

Additional school districts included, District number 16, later changed to District number 7; better known as the Poverty Hill school district. This district was organized in 1842.

The first school house in the hamlet of Collins was not erected until approximately 1849. (This building, now a private residence, is located on Route 39, across from Mill Street.)

A two room school building would be erected in 1887 (on the site of the present L. K. Painter Center), it burnt in 1917 and was replaced by a four room brick building. In 1954, this school would become part of the Gowanda Central School District.


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