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Formation of School Districts in the Town of Collins


Once the Town of Collins was legally incorporated, a budget was set up to provide for public schooling, but only allowed for a few dollars annually. In the mid 1820's public funding was utilized to build the first public school house, in what would be known as District Number 18 (renamed District Number 9 about 1880). The structure would be replaced in later years, and become known to local residents as, "The Little Red School House." This structure, which has been converted to a private residence, still stands near the corner of Collins Center Zoar Road and Foster Road.

Painting by J. McKeon

District number 18, later (approximately 1880) to become district number 9, was known as the Rosenberg District. The original school house for this district, was built on private property near Rosenberg Corners. This building burnt in early 1832. By the end of that same year, a new frame building had been built at Rosenberg Corners. The total cost of construction was $120, this price included the cost of a stove. (The stove was quite an unusual luxury. School houses were generally heated with fireplaces.)

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