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The Catholic Church

While the first Catholic Church was built in the Village of Gowanda (Town of Collins side) in 1888, it was forty years prior that the first mass was said. Masses for Catholics were said by visiting missionaries or the resident Priest from Dayton, in the homes of private individuals. Within ten years of the time the church was constructed, the congregation had increased so greatly, that the area was finally allowed a resident priest. In 1959, a new church was built to meet the needs of the continuously growing congregation.

In March, 1955, however, a group of Collins / Collins Center Catholic residents held an organizational meeting at the Collins Center Grange Hall. In May of the same year, construction began on the new Catholic Church in Collins Center. From June 26, 1955 until December 1955, masses were said for the growing congregation, at the Grange Hall. On December 18, 1955 mass was read in the new church, located on Sisson Highway.


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